about metamusicftlom

This site just recently started up in this blog page format. Up until a few months ago i thought it was quite enough with a Facebook page for it. But then I started to think of the potentials of a web-based blog, that is reachable by every music fan in the world, just a click away.

This page should not be viewed as in any way an elitist or custom-made for any “click” of persons or any kind of musical tastes. If you have interesting stories to tell? You will soon be able to share them here and also read other contributor’s stories for free. It is also a blog that is written by me on my spare time. That’s why I cannot work full-time on t making new publications and posts every day.

This page is nor about expensive, exclusive, hard to get, tabloid material. First and foremost this blog focuses on what real music talk should be all about. Fun times, joy, laughter, tears, excitement and of course love and passion for music and those who we love to listen to. So feel free to click around, comment on what you see and read (but trolling is of course not allowed). Welcome back repeatedly. I hope you will enjoy enough to return and to tip your friends of about this new blog full of future possibilities for us all.

As far as the content of the site goes: I do not own the copyrights for the videos showed on this site. The videos are streamed or linked from other sites (mostly YouTube) and are not uploaded there by me in any way. Nor do I claim to own any rights to those materials linked or streamed. If you, watching this website, in any way oppose of the material posted here I urge you to send me an e-mail so I can remove it from the site as swiftly as possible.

Sincerely /Håkan


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