Welcome! How fun it is that YOU popped in here for a read!

And how fun it is that YOU are here to read this, my very fist page here at http://metamusicftlom.com

This blog will be all about life as a music fan, such as myself. And perhaps also like you? There are many of us out there. And we all have different views, stories to tell and hot tips for others with the same interests. What we share essentially is a life that doesn’t need to know any boundaries whatsoever, whether existing national borders, language, age, gender, musical styles, genres, etc. The only factors that I can think of restricting my own love of music are time and money. I wish I had the opportunity to listen to more music, buy more music and witness more live performances. But that’s life. You can not be everywhere and we (read I) usually haven’t got unlimited financial resources. In addition, there are other people in my vicinity whose interests and preferences I also need to take into consideration.

Why have I chosen this name “metamusic – for the love of music” for this blog? Good question. Requires a good answer. In fact, I have already driven a facebook group with this name for a year. A small group that focuses on music in all sorts of genres, but the focus from the beginning has been to music about music. In that small group I have had the opportunity to get to know people with the same kind of passion for music as myself.

If you want to learn more about the meaning of the Greek prefix “meta-” I suggest you read further on the Encyclopædia Britannica or wikipedia.

I would like to take the opportunity and emphasize that neither I nor the blog is a channel for any artist / label / booking agency / PR / agents or the like. The blog is run by me and no one else has any real impact on the content. “Metamusic – for the love of music” also has no partnership with any of the bands / artists / labels / others who use the word metamusic (in various forms). However, I have noticed that there are others who use the word it (in different projects) and congratulate those who do to their good taste. 😉

If any future cooperation would occur in any context, this will be readily apparent to YOU.

I hope in the fairly near future to fill this blog with material that YOU think is interesting in the form of reviews of CDs/albums, concerts, interviews, pictures, tips, etc.

If YOU have any further questions about the content, suggestions for improvement, or opinions on what you would like to appear here, please do not hesitate to send me a message here, on my email or on Facebook.

At the moment, I hope to see you guys soon and that YOU will have a pleasant experience of following the development of this site.

Much love/ Håkan J.


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