about me

Hi there! So then … who am I? And why is music so important to me?

I think music has always been a big part of my life. Growing up in a family where my mother always listened to music (my father on the other hand – totally tone-deaf). My mother always used to listen to music and she had her favourite records playing all the time in the apartment. Back then it was music on tapes and vinyl for you younger ones, and music shows was only available in black and white TV-shows (no video – or DVD – that came later) in my earliest years if not attending them live. My interest for music has also been something of a heirlooms for me. My grandfather playing the guitar all of his life (an old black Gibson) and I always snuck into his room full of instruments when we where visiting, trying out some of them whenever opportunity arose. Later I also had the opportunity to play with him on a couple of occasions.

My first real contact with live music (beside when we went to see my grandfather on stage) was at age 9 when my family went to the local mall to see swedish piano wizard Robert Wells perform. About the same time I started practising the trumpet by attending classes for a teacher at the communal music school. I was never very fond of doing the practises I was told to do (playing them through 10 minutes the day before examination my teacher probably though I was a huge misplace of resources. At least it kept me away from other, more destructive ways of life at the time. And as the years passed I learned I was quite a quick learner.

Fast forward a decade or so ….

I am now just turned 20 and a week into attending my military services at the Swedish Mounted Band of the Royal Lifeguards . Trying to figure out how to play the trumpet while not falling off the horse (not always successful at that!). Not always the easiest thing in the world although we had specially trained animals. Serving 10 months in the military band gave a sneak peek at the life as professional musician. Getting to play both larger and smaller venues, and foremost getting to know a lot of talented young musicians that served with me, making friends for life.

After finishing my military services I went back to school (college) to focus on my studies in behavior science and languages, while continuing playing the trumpet in my spare time in various orchestras (brass band, student cover band and also a big band). Unfortunately though after finishing school, work seemed to be much more time-consuming and my commitment to continue playing myself got reduced to a minimum, at that time basically consisting of trying to learn to play the piano located at my parents house.

Nowadays my musical status as of lately is more that of a listener and fan, and also that of someone trying to get some time to learn how to use different programs on my computer to record various musical ideas of my own and to be able to create and manage this blog/website. My aim and goal with this will initially be to get this up and running, and after that to focus on trying to produce more material of my own in the formats of reviews and interviews of people willing to share their thoughts of music and their own listening. As fas as ideas goes I already have a couple in mind. 😉


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